A successful digital marketing campaign is something that every roofing company needs in this day and age where everyone is online and competition to outrank is fierce.

The 4R Roofing Appointment Machine is the marketing strategy that every roofer needs to face that competition.

In Part 1 of this series, the first two steps of the 4R System used by roofing companies - Reputation and Reach - were explained.

Now learn about the two steps that complete the process - Resell and Referral - and how they complete the evergreen system that supports itself over and over again to keep quality leads coming in for any roofing business!

4R Marketing Step 3 - Resell

Reselling is the process of first identifying audiences based on past interest and then marketing to them again.

Marketing studies continually prove that one way to convert those who have used roofing services before as well as audiences who are interested but need help making a decision is to resell them.

Studies also point out that it takes 8 to 10 touches for a roof company to get the desired reaction from an interested party, an idea that makes remarketing those viewers a critical roofing marketing strategy to get in those touches.

Essentially, the more that certain interested audiences see a roofing company’s ads or content, the more likely they are to convert.

There are a number of ways that digital roofing marketing services can resell to key audiences, from targeted advertising to publishing additional targeted content to using a drip-email campaign.

The goal in this step is to find parties who have interacted with a roofing contractor before and then continue to show them the same product, associated products, or even new products to retain their interest and encourage them to buy through specials, discounts, and other methods.

Executed successfully, this third digital marketing step of the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine makes all the previous steps even more effective by continuing to generate leads from those who are already customers or have at least shown interest in the roofing company.

4R Marketing Step 4 - Referral

The last step in the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine is the critical process of gathering referrals, reviews, testimonials, and other feedback to support the roofing business.

Referrals and recommendations from existing satisfied customers hold significant importance to those who are just learning about that particular roofing company.

Audiences tend to trust the suggestions of their peers before believing a roof company that is touting its own virtues, which is why this fourth step in the roofing marketing strategy is so important.

How do roof companies get those referrals? By asking for them in various ways.

Prompting existing customers to refer their friends and family with special referral offers in emails and newsletters is one popular way to gain those referrals.

Other referrals happen automatically, like content shares, likes, and tagging on social media and blog posts.

A roofing marketing strategy that directly asks audiences to spread the word by sharing is one more way of generating referrals that increase exposure and eventually bring in more roofing leads.

The 4R Roofing Appointment Machine Generates More Leads

While the exact digital roofing marketing services used in each part of the 4R process may differ slightly depending on each roofing business and the audience it wishes to attract, these four steps - Reputation, Reach, Resell, and Referral - work collectively for any roof company to increase leads.

Best of all, as each step builds up the next, this marketing strategy is truly evergreen in how they also support each other to keep the circle happening.

As the number of roofing customers and their reach increases, so do the chances for reselling, referring, and building that great reputation over and over again.

The 4R Roofing Appointment Machine is the best way to assure roofing digital marketing success in an aggressive marketing environment!

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