The biggest challenge that today’s roofers face is coming up with effective digital marketing strategies that keep the leads coming in.

Digital marketing for roof companies is constantly evolving, which makes it particularly demanding in what has become an exceptionally competitive digital business world.

Effective Marketing Needs A Solid Foundation

What’s important to note is that while marketing trends continuously evolve and change over time, there is a foundation system that roof companies should employ to provide a solid basis for all other methods.

Building on this foundation, Roofing Sites has developed a successful, evergreen strategy known as the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine to work for every roofing business, regardless of specialty or size.

Learn about this proven system in a 2-part examination of what makes up the 4Rs and how they form the building blocks of any successful digital marketing campaign for roofers!

This part takes a look at the importance of Reputation and Reach, while Part 2 examines Reselling and Referral.

4R Roofing Appointment Machine Step 1 - Reputation

A good reputation is one of the most important marketing tools that any roof company can have because everybody wants optimal materials and services from highly regarded roofing companies without having to worry whether they are actually getting what they need.

It takes time to build up a good reputation and doing it requires a good marketing strategy.

Reputation must also be carefully guarded, as all that effort can be destroyed in an instant without the skillful nurturing and management of a roofer's reputation.

So how do digital marketing services help their clients build and preserve a positive reputation that forms the basis of their critical lead generating strategy?

This is accomplished by building up all first-level connections that roofing companies have with their audiences and using them to their fullest extent.

Reputation nurturing begins with the development of a user-friendly, mobile-friendly website and regular use of social media, then builds by implementing a reputation engine strategy to generate reviews and other feedback.

Lastly, through careful monitoring and finding ways to turn negative reviews into positive examples of customer care, a roofing company can build and maintain the positive reputation that will start them on the path to generating more leads.

4R Marketing Step 2 - Reach

The second step in the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine is increasing reach once a base audience has been established.

Expanding reach is essentially the marketing strategy of making more people aware of a roofing company and its services by looking for broader audiences and finding ways to attract them.

By expanding reach, the potential to attract more quality leads increases and more quality leads mean more potential sales.

Increasing reach is the area of the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine where digital marketing services focus the bulk of their time, since it’s the most challenging of all the steps.

This part of the strategy includes a strong focus on SEO and local marketing for roofing companies with Google Maps, targeted outreach using Facebook and AdWords, and the use of video marketing which is a preferred method for getting content to viewers.

When roofers put themselves in front of targeted audiences using these methods as opposed to relying on organic search alone, lead numbers go up.

The Value of the 4R Foundation

Although the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine is the basis of a successful digital marketing plan for roofers, the foundation of this strategy lies in building a good reputation, then expanding reach to get the word out to bigger audiences.

In the second part of this examination of the 4R Roofing Appointment Machine, read about Reselling and Referrals and how those elements bring the system full circle, where the technique continues to support itself to keep bringing in those leads for roofing companies!

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Part Two: 4R Roofing Appointment Machine – Part 2