When creating PPC campaigns using Google Ads, it can be frustrating to see your ad budget being dwindled away on similar but irrelevant keyword searches that don’t relate to your roofing company at all.

Negative keywords, as these are called, can increase the cost of Google Ads campaigns for roofers, lowering their overall ROI.

Avoid this problem and keep returns high by embracing negative keywords and how they can be controlled using Google Ads services!

What Are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords that affect Google Ads searches are like non-synonyms of the keyword world.

They are words or phrases that the same or similar and even seem like they should have a related meaning for roofing companies, yet do not.

Commonly confusing same or similar words with two totally different meanings, negative keywords produce faulty search results.

The problem is that when Google Ads campaigns show up on these pages based on the keyword search and the algorithm’s best guess on meaning, it is a wasted impression that will not generate a lead for a roof company.

What Do Negative Keywords Effect Roofer's Google Ads Campaigns?

Negative keywords reduce the ROI of Google Ads services by wasting ad clicks and yet can be unavoidable.

When a Google Ads PPC ad is shown on a search results page for a roofing-related keyword due to same-word relevance but no actual topical pertinence, it still counts as a paid click that draws down a roof company’s funds, reducing the campaign’s return on investment.

It can also negatively affect the ad’s SEO and how the search algorithm understands the ad’s relevance to target searches, making it less efficient.

Unless reined in, negative keywords just cost roofers money with no leads to show for it.

How Can Negative Keywords Improve Google Ads?

The good news is that by embracing negative keywords and paying attention to them, roofing companies can use them to their benefit.

It is possible to get around this problem and prevent these kinds of money-wasting clicks against Google Ads campaigns by simply tracking clicks, then adding them into the ad console as negative keywords to be ignored.

Negative keywords can be tracked using the ad console, searched via the Google Ads services keyword planner tool, or discovered by simply searching to see what same but unrelated pages to roofing keywords come up on the search pages.

Essentially, any word, phrase, or name can be flagged in the ad platform as a negative keyword so that non-relevant searches do not result in an ad click.

Tracking Negative Keywords Promotes Google Ads Success

Even as successful as Google Ads campaigns are for most roof company owners, a wasted click is still an unnecessary ad spend.

Follow this important tip used by skilled Google Ads campaign creators and embrace negative keywords and put them to work.

By identifying these same-word, wrong-meaning keywords, roofers using Google Ads services can prevent this low-quality traffic from negatively affecting their campaigns, saving the clicks for the high-quality, lead-producing traffic they seek!

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