Lead nurturing for roofers is the critical process of guiding an interested roofing customer lead through the steps that will ultimately end with them converting, whether that is making a purchase, filling out a form, or completing some other marketing goal.

It involves the planning and execution of a lead nurturing strategy for roofers that is tailored to the roof company's marketing goal and the targeted audience, that will increase the chance of a conversion.

Though every conversion plan for roofing companies will be different, the marketing building blocks that lead nurturing services for roofers use to create those plans are usually the same.

These are the important components that can be combined in different ways to create an effective lead nurturing strategy for roofers and convert more customers.

1. Lead Scoring Strategy

To properly develop a lead and get the most from lead nurturing, a system of scoring the leads that come in to a roofing company must be established.

This system, which should identify demographics and other important user information and match them to the ideal customer a roof company is seeking to convert, will dictate much about which lead nurturing services for roofers should be implemented for each lead to make converting them more possible.

2. Content Marketing

Using lead scoring as the main identifier of different quality leads, content marketing to those leads based on their score is the next step for roofing companies.

The highest quality leads may need minimal lead nurturing for roofers to get them to convert, while other positive but not-as-ready potential roofing customers will require more effort.

Using emails, promotions, and other interesting and relevant content, marketers for roofers can address each lead according to their score and position in the sales funnel to create more eventual conversions.

3. Websites and Social Media

User-friendly roof company websites, landing pages, and social media pages are the basis of every online marketing strategy for roofers and great places to generate leads.

Using online engagement, advertising that guides potential roofing customers to interesting website content, form sign-ups, and more, the sites and pages of a roofer's website are essential for bringing in more interest and getting more customers started in the sales funnel.

4. Ad Retargeting

Retargeting is a cost-effective way for roofing companies to turn users who previously showed interest but did not convert into actual sales.

5. Direct Mail

When developed as a continuous part of a roofer's website and social media presence as well as any online advertising being used, direct mail pieces in a lead nurturing strategy for roofers can add an additional layer of interest and awareness to prompt conversion.

6. Marketing Channel Interconnection

In getting the greatest effect from all of the above methods, lead nurturing services for roofers must connect all marketing channels so they work collectively to create the same presence and keep leads well connected with the roof company.

All pages and sites must look the same and refer to each other for easier, more user-friendly engagement of potential roofing customers.

7. Marketing Automation

To keep lead nurturing strategies for roofers on track and avoid skipping steps in the conversion process, marketing automation is a great help for any roof company.

It enables marketers to practice lead nurturing from a documented plan with specific scheduling to ensure that emails, social media posts, website content, and other lead generating and nurturing media are posted how and when they need to be to keep the process moving forward.

Every Lead Nurturing Strategy Starts With These Details

Lead nurturing for roofers involves the development of a specialized plan to turn interested users into actual conversions.

While each lead nurturing strategy for roofers will differ depending on who the audience is and what the solution to their problem is, the components used to execute that strategy will always be the same for roofers.

The only difference in the lead nurturing services for roofers implemented is the type of lead being nurtured and where they are in the sales funnel.

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