A key focus for getting any roofing company to rank on the local map is Google Maps optimization and how to make the map work for each business individually.

Optimizing for Google Maps is one of the best ways for any roofer to get found because they will show up in “near me” searches on Google when local customers are researching the best roofing companies.

As critical as ranking on Google Maps may be, it can take a while to do unless the right Google Maps optimization techniques are used for roofing contractors to achieve higher ranking more quickly.

Learn All About Google Maps Optimization for Roofers!

In this month’s free webinar by Roofing Sites, CMO Chris Hunter discusses Google Maps optimization for roofers and how to do it in 30 days or less so roofing company owners can start seeing results quickly and get their schedules booked.

The 35-minute discussion covers how to claim and optimize a roofing company’s Google Business listing to make ranking on the map possible, Roofing Site's proven 3-step formula for ranking on Google Maps, the #1 issue that keeps business listings from making it to the top 3 listing on Google Maps, the importance of a consistent NAP, and many other informative and effective ranking tips.

He will walk through all the steps required for any roofing contractor to optimize for Google Maps so they show up on the map - and fast!

There is more to ranking in the top 3 spots on Google Maps for roofing companies than simply having a My Business profile page.

It requires skillful optimization to build authority, awareness, and a good reputation so that Google as well as local customers can recognize a reputable business listing when they see one.

This month’s webinar shows roofers how to achieve Google Maps optimization quickly and easily to bring your listings up to speed and get them productive for bringing in new business.

With these important tips from Roofing Sites, roofing contractors can work on getting on the map or call the number below to see how Chris and his marketing staff can help!

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