The Google My Business or GMP page is a free marketing asset that every business should be using.

All professional digital marketers know that this page serves not only as a business directory for your roofing company as well as ranks it among your local roofing competition via the Google search engine and Google Maps, helping to bring customers to your door.

Why is ranking well within the Google Maps application so important to roofing contractors?

Because it is an essential digital marketing strategy to keep local customers aware of your business when they search both online and in the app.

Google Maps Creates Awareness

One of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing strategy is increasing awareness and visibility since that will ultimately increase sales.

When people know your roofing business is available, they are more likely to patronize it.

Using either Google’s standard search feature or the Google Maps app which both automatically feature the top local Google My Business listings, roofing companies that rank higher on the Google Maps local search are the ones that get that visibility.

As a roofer, the higher you rank, the greater the chance you will appear in the Maps search results box and be featured on the map that appears with it, exposing your name to more people.

Google Maps Builds Authority

Another factor that can bring more people in to your roofing company is authority.

Digital marketers find that roofers who rank higher in the local search, including those appearing as a featured listing on Google Maps, benefit in terms of credibility and trust.

Ranking involves a digital marketing strategy that incorporates online reviews and other authoritative markers to suggest your work as a roofing contractor is worthy of a customers trust.

The better a roof company rates with the public locally, the better its rating will be and the greater its chances of ranking well on Google Maps to convince more people to become new customers.

Users Use Google Maps

The most significant reason why digital marketers stress the importance of ranking on Google Maps with your My Business directory listing is that people use Google Maps more than all the navigation apps.

So not only will your roof company show up on the local map in the general Google search results, it will show up within a widely-used navigational application to highlight your proximity to potential customers while showing up as a top local listing.

Ranking with Google Maps A Boost to Local Roofers

Ranking in the general Google search is an important part of effective online marketing for roofers.

Along with the general search, roofers must also make local ranking with Google My Business pages in the Google Maps app an integral part of a roofing contractor's digital marketing strategies.

Teaming up with skilled digital marketers, your roofing company can get ranking in Google Maps and enjoy the added exposure and business that comes with it!

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