Google Ads is a versatile advertising platform that now spans across different types of online media, even to video.

Adding video ads to your roofing company's paid advertising campaign is a great way to reach a completely different audience as they watch content on YouTube.

Using these tips and tricks practiced by marketers in their Google Ads services, you can increase view rates of your roof company's ads and reap the rewards of more ad and website clicks and more sales!

1. Keep It Short

The shorter the better when it comes to making Google Ads videos for roofers.

That is because you want people to actually watch it, not skip the ad once the required 5 seconds has passed.

Videos should be no longer than a minute or so for roof companies and preferably shorter than that.

Fortunately, paid advertising fees for roofers are only charged to the advertiser’s account when an actual “view” is recorded.

For an ad that is 30 seconds or longer, a view is 30 seconds and ads that are shorter than 30 seconds must be viewed in their entirety to count as a view.

2. Keep Messaging Consistent

Like all other content on your roofing company's website and elsewhere that is used to represent your roof company and brand, video ads should carry the same message.

Google Ads services stress that after determining what part of the target audience can be reached using video, create ads that match in message and consistency with all the other types of advertising being used by roofers.

Create roofing videos that address viewers in the same ways that other ads address searchers and keep the mood and degree of information presented the same, too.

3. Focus Video Ads On Targeted Roofer Keywords

Just like any other paid advertising, video ads should focus on keywords chosen for a roofing website.

They get served to viewers looking for roofing companies based on viewing history and video searches, the same as they do using the standard browser search.

A great way to do this with video ads is to create a different video for each specific roofing keyword group so there is a chance for an ad play regardless of how the searcher poses their query.

4. Re-Purpose Existing Content

Creating Google Ads for video can seem like just one more thing for a busy roofer to come up with unique content for but this is only partly true.

While it is necessary to create a high-quality video that meets all marketing strategy requirements for roofers, it is easier to do when turning other content into corresponding videos.

Blog posts, white papers, and even other video content can easily be the focus of a video ad that not only fits a roofing company's marketing strategy but also allows existing content to work twice as hard.

5. Roofing Company Testimonials Also Count for Videos

Another idea recommended by marketing services using Google Ads for roofers is to use those testimonials.

Consumers tend to trust word of mouth testimonials since they represent outside sources giving real life experiences with roofing companies.

If possible, include them in video ad content, especially if it is possible to interview pleased roofing customers to share their opinions right in the advertisement.

Alternately, invite roofing customers to send their own testimonial videos to use in ad videos or use documented quotes.

Adding Effective Video Ads to Google Ads Is Easy

The best way for roofing companies to reach the widest audiences with their paid advertising is to encompass ads that appear on many media types.

Using video ads with a Google Ads account is an excellent way to reach a whole new segment of your targeted audience looking for roofing company services.

Videos that incorporate these important tips from experienced Google Ads roofing company marketers will get more views, reach more people, and reach the right people to improve your roof company’s bottom line!

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