Chances are that no matter what much business a roofing company has had, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected it or its customers somehow.

Based on this widespread impact, it’s critical that roof companies adjust their lead generation strategy plans to take into consideration how the attention of many consumers and clients has been diverted lately and their buying practices have been altered.

Though the initial knee-jerk reaction for some roofers has been to pause their email lead generation efforts while much of the country is in various states of isolation, it’s actually more important than ever that businesses continue.

By modifying the marketing plan to accommodate current events, your roof company still has a lot to gain by moving ahead with it.

Acknowledging the State of Things

Since the pandemic is on everyone’s mind these days, it’s a good idea for companies to acknowledge this first and foremost if this hasn’t already been done with a tactful branded email that explains a few important details that audiences may be wondering about.

Lead generation strategy services for roofers can send out friendly emails to prospective leads that wishes them well and then provides various insight as to the functioning of the business during the pandemic.

Provide details such as how the pandemic might affect customer service, what the company is doing to protect its customers and staff, and other details that allow your roofing company to connect with audiences on a human level.

Taking A Sensitive Approach for Successful Email Marketing

After making that first communication acknowledging what changes might be in order from the company’s side of things as well as informing customers about what type of service they should expect in the meantime, lead generation services for roofers should then move on to continuing with a modified email campaign.

In doing so, it’s important to keep the following ideas in mind when attempting to stay relevant and continue marketing to email lists without seeming insensitive:

  • Avoid Oversaturating Audiences - Customers are seeing mention of COVID-19 in so many of the emails they receive from all walks of life right now. After that first ‘state of things’ email or whatever updates might be necessary, stick to the business at hand and avoid mentioning it over and over again.
  • Acknowledge That Audience Experiences May Differ - Though everyone is being affected by the pandemic, each potential roofing client may be affected in different ways with some out of work, some struggling financially, and many other factors in the mix. Review all content and ensure that it’s suitable for people experiencing a variety of changes and difficulties during this time so it remains tactful and useful for all.
  • Don’t Seem Desperate - Sending out more lead generation emails in an attempt to quickly pull in more roofing business can backfire if it makes the company seem desperate or fearful, something that no customer wants to see in a company they do business with. Stick to the usual schedules and continue to observe business-as-usual marketing techniques to instill the idea that everything is fine and your roofing company is stable in spite of what is going on outside its doors.

Get COVID-19 Email Marketing Success With Smart Strategy Changes

Lead marketing in a time of public distress is quite a challenge for any business including yours.

While it’s essential to stay relevant and keep company names in front of prospective audiences, it’s equally important to consider what each email list subscriber might be going through during these stressful times.

Fortunately, it’s possible to continue roof marketing efforts and see success with them by making a few simple changes to the lead generation strategy.

By initially acknowledging conditions and then taking a tactful approach to serve audiences without flooding them with reminders of the state of things, roofing companies can stay on their customers’ good sides!

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